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I Looked Up Homes For Sale In Boerne TX Before Listing My Own

I Decided To Look Up Homes For Sale In Boerne TX Before Listing My Own

Homes For Sale In Boerne TX: I own a home in the Texas city of Boerne, and I have been thinking about selling it for some time. It was a starter home for me and my wife decades ago, but we since moved on to Houston, then Dallas for work. Now we are retiring to Arizona, and we are not really interested in rental income from the place anymore, as managing it from that far away would be too much work and stress for our golden years.

Homes For Sale In Boerne TX

The reason I looked up homes for sale in Boerne TX first was to get some idea what home prices look for around town right now. I know this is an older home, but it is on a good lot. Also, we have had contractors and friends keep the place up pretty good between renters. I think we can get a decent value for it, and I am not looking to get rich, as we have profited off of years of rent after the mortgage was long gone.

On the other hand, I do not want to get fleeced either, and selling it too low would deprive me and missus of money we could use to cruise several continents.

One other thing I am looking for as I scroll through homes for sale Boerne TX and homes for sale in San Antonio TX is how long some of them have been on the market. I have always considered a six month inventory of homes to be a sign of a healthy market. Anything faster means sales are booming, but things moving slower means a bear market. From what I can tell right now, the real estate activity in Boerne seems to be rather healthy, with families moving in. Maybe it is time to sell the home where started our family to another family just starting out.

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