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4 Symptoms Of Facebook Addiction Disorder

4 Symptoms Of Facebook Addiction Disorder

Facebook addiction disorder, or FAD for short, is a condition that means you are addicted to Facebook. Many people may be suffering from the disorder and there are a few symptoms you should be aware of. Here are a few common symptoms of the disorder.

1. Withdrawal Symptoms- The most common symptom associated with an addiction to Facebook is withdrawal symptoms. If a person finds that they are anxious, stressed out or they want to talk about the social networking site when they are out doing normal activities, then this is a sign that they are addicted to the site. Also, they may feel the need to discuss with others what they have been posting on their wall or ask others to check on their phones to see what has been written on their Facebook wall. Just like with any addiction, if a person isn’t able to use what they are addicted to, then they will suffer from withdrawals.

2. Paranoia- Another common symptom is paranoia. Someone who is addicted to Facebook may be paranoid about why a person hasn’t messaged them back right away or they may think the user is online but purposely ignoring their message. However, Facebook has a habit of showing that mobile users are always online, even when they are not, but a person with FAD won’t take this into consideration. The paranoia can range from being moderate to a dangerous level, to the point that they are paranoid even when they are not using Facebook.

3. Hours Are Spent On The Site- There’s a big difference between spending a total of 30 minutes per day on Facebook than spending hours upon hours on it. If you spend more than an hour on Facebook per day, then this may mean you’re addicted to it. There are some people who are glued to their phones and always checking Facebook every single chance they get, and if they do this, then they definitely have an addiction. Unless you use Facebook to video chat or speak with your family or you use it for business, then there’s no need to be on the site more than an hour per day.

4. Obsessed With Comments And Likes- People who are addicted to Facebook often are obsessed with getting likes and comments on their posts and photos. If they don’t get what they deemed to be enough interaction with their posts, then they may delete content and re-post something different shortly afterwards. Not only that, but a person with FAD may be obsessed with building their friends list up and they request and accept anybody, just so their numbers grow. If a person doesn’t use Facebook for business, then there’s no reason for them to have a giant friends list of strangers.

The truth is Facebook addiction disorder is a real thing and you should get help for it, if you exhibit the above symptoms. There are tests you can take to determine if you potentially have the disorder. Go ahead and take one of those tests and find out whether or not you have it.

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